Adrián Švec

34 Photographs of Everything

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It was 3AM and snow was falling that early morning in Zvolen, Central Slovakia. We boarded a bus and headed to a 5-hour trip to a first polish city across the boarders to make it on time for a weekend market. I was about 10 years old, I vividly remember the cosy feeling in my feet tucked in a pair of leather shoes my parents bought for me last time. I was clad in oversized winter jacket with misspelled name of a famous hockey team on the back.

I came back to Poland 20 years later, to meet Her and stay. Ever since I’ve been trying to orient myself in the new setting, using photography to record my musings. And I kept failing at capturing the essence of what it meant, to me.

These photographs were not intended as a decisive portrait of Poland. They are a by-catch and yet they represent exactly what Poland is to me, actually. I wish to bind them between two covers now, and continue in a series that will, one day, come together as a portrait I desired to create.

Počet strán: 60
Rozmär: 29,5 x 19,5 cm
Väzba: mäká
Fotografie: Adrián Švec
Vydavateľ: Self-publishing
Grafický dizajn: Adrián Švec
Jazyk: anglický
Rok vydania: 2023

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